Trade Me auction for Consul lasted a week

I’m very impressed with that they had enough of a sense of humour to keep the auction for an Honorary Consulship to the destination of your choice open for almost an entire week.

Whale Oil blogs that this was not due to accidental oversight but that they had been enjoying it:

We’ve enjoyed watching your listing and the various questions members have asked, and the listing has gained quite a bit of attention which is great. However it’s also accrued a number of complaints, which is understandable when dealing with politics.

Due to the complaints, and due to the fact that the item itself isn’t actually something you can deliver, we’ve removed the listing.

Whale notes that if wins, he might be able to get very rich selling these for real. Personally I think he was more excited by the fact one of the bidders was offering Rachel Hunter, Aja Rock, Nicky Watson and Gilda Kirkpatrick for a weekend romp.

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