ACT conference coverage

Several items re ACT.

Claire Trevett in the Herald talks to John Ansell:

He said right-wing parties internationally had difficulty portraying that they had “heart” – and his main job was to put heart into right-wing policies.

The strategy showed in a presentation he made to Act’s conference at the weekend, when he showed an ad depicting “the priorities of Labour.”

It said Labour could afford $25 million to save an endangered snail, but could not afford the same amount to fund Herceptin for women with breast cancer.

“We’ve got a default socialist country, but we are killing people with kindness.

“People think if you throw money at people, you’re caring for them. It’s not only incorrect, it’s immoral … ‘

I think people will be hearing more on the $25 million on snails instead of Herceptin.

Tracy Watkins says Sir Roger is being lined up for Cabinet. I think people should wait to see his list ranking before they get excited.

And finally Blair Mulholland gets so excited he wants to be ACT’s candidate in Mt Albert.

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