Who sold Auckland Airport?

As NZ First rails against the evil Canadian pension fund, wanting to buy a minority stake in Auckland International Airport, it is useful to recall that the Airport has been in private ownership for around a decade – it is not Government owned.

And who sold it in July 1998? Well the Treasurer did. And who was the Treasurer? It was the Rt Hon Winston Peters. So let us enjoy some of his statements at the time:

“I’m pleased that high-profile New Zealanders like former All Black captain Sean Fitzpatrick are involved in promoting the float, which shows it is a float for the people.

“With the recent criticism of MMP in the past week, it is good to see such a positive event that would probably not have occurred under the old electoral system,” Mr Peters said.


Reports that phones were running hot with people seeking copies of the Auckland International Airport Investment Statement were pleasing, Treasurer Winston Peters said today.

“We have heard reports of some Post Offices running out of copies and of telephone operators being besieged by over 14,000 calls.

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