Can Mugabe steal the election again?

It will be interesting to see if Mugabe manages to steal the Zimbabwe election.  The signs so far do not look good:

African Union election observers also raised concerns about 8,450 voters registered to a patch of deserted land in north Harare.

And where real people are trying to vote:

As voting started it became clear that large numbers of people were being turned away from the polling booths.

In Chitungwiza The Sunday Telegraph witnessed seven people being turned away in the space of five minutes after being told their names were not on the voters roll or that they had not got the correct identification.

 We also see the ultimate end goal of Working for Families type largesse:

He also attempted to bolster his support through the “agricultural mechanisation programme”, a thinly disguised vote buying exercise in which mountains of farm equipment have been given away at Zanu PF election rallies.

The tactic appeared to have convinced some supporters to stay loyal. Christine Machada, 46, a mother of six who received a harvester and a tractor, said she had voted for him again, although her 25 acre farm was producing few crops.

Yep, give money or tractors to people so they vote for you. At least that is legal.

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