Fighting the battles of 17 years ago

No wonder church attendances keep dropping. The main NZ churches are campaigning for the 1991 benefit cuts to be reversed.

While it is true that Labour have never reversed them, it is idiotic to be so backward looking.

And they even rubbish their own arguments:

Mr Kendrew is now a volunteer budget adviser in Wellington and said even working families on low incomes were struggling with recent price increases for food, petrol and other essentials.

Okay so a non-benefit family in 2008 is finding life tough due to *recent* price increases, and the Rt Revs think the answer is linked to a change in benefit rates 17 years ago.

“I’m dealing with a family at the moment with an income of $680 a week, paying $300 a week in rent.

Well income related rents for state houses means they should pay no more than $170 a week. If they are not in a state house, then the solution seems obvious.

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