A beautiful afternoon out in Waitamata Harbour.  Went out on a friend’s boat and it was one of those boats with retractable wheels so we actually drove the boat on the road until the beach and then just drove it on the beach into the water and once it was deep enough the wheels retracted up.  Much easier than launching and trailers.

There were three of us and we caught around ten snapper and one kawhai.  I landed the kawhai after letting another one escape earlier.  The buggers jump into the air to try and unhook themselves.  I haven’t gone fishing for years and years so was a great relaxing afternoon.  It was perfect weather too.

On the way back we also lowered a very small environmentally friendly (doesn’t crush anything) dredge and after a couple of runs ended up with a great collection of scallops (but under the legal limit).

So dinner tonight was firstly lovely raw kawhai, and then home made fresh mornay scallops.  That was so filling we didn’t even move onto the snapper, which we may start at lunch tomorrow.

I am starting to become very favourably inclined towards the idea of owning a boat!

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