Labour MP lashes out at political corectness

Retiring MP Dover Samuels has lashed out at political corectness:

“We’ve got to learn to laugh at each other. This PC, culturally correct brigade will actually destroy our New Zealand lifestyle. There’s this inherent part of our country that is being destroyed because we’re becoming so PC.

“You’ve got these culturally correct loony tunes who think everything’s offensive come on, it’s time to wake up.


“The Treaty of Waitangi seems to be the antidote for everything from tagging to wagging school and colonisation which is absolute cultural bullshit.

“Frankly, I think a vast majority of Maori have had a gutsful of it, just like the average New Zealander that’s why I’m going to Australia.”

Samuels lashes the for their part in it, but as they have been in Parliament only two years it is hard to resist the conclusion that he is also sending a message to his own colleagues.

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