NBR taking the piss

This should come with a public health warning.  The mental visual images could harm you. But NBR today has some fun in their sarky In Tray column, as they ummm, present the naked news.  They also have lots of other fun at my expense:

What you missed this morning on National Nudes …

Geoff: Ah, think it might be time to hear what’s coming up later this morning on Nine to Noon. David?

David Farrar: Thanks Geoff. Well, this morning on we’ll be hearing from Sir Roger Douglas will later be joined by Act leader to talk about the experience of contributing to my blog. [David removes jacket.] A bit later on you’ll be treated to some of my own thoughts about this year’s election, the outcome of which many observers are already saying may yet influence. [Unbuttons shirt.] Then we’ll catch up with a few of my other political friends for a bit of a chat about the polls and how consistently accurate my reading of them has been. [Sound of shoes being kicked off.] And here’s something interesting … a discussion for our business listeners about how one runs a successful polling company — I’ll be interviewing myself for that for the entire hour. [Sound of belt loosening and jeans being tossed away.] Finally, we’ll move on to….

Sean Plunket: [hurriedly] Sorry, that’s all we’ve got time for on this subject. And now it’s time for Thought For The Day, with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a visiting minister joins us this morning from the First Church of Obama in Chicago.

Heh, they skewer me quite well.

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