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The blog polls are just a bit of fun, and not at all scientific. But having had 15 or so to date, thought it would be interesting to see what they have said:

  1. 63% said they like the new site design over the old one
  2. For who was telling the truth over NZ First donations 51% said Dail Jones, 45% neither and 4% Winston Peters
  3. Three News is favoured by 58% over One News on 36%
  4. 57% think Barack Obama would be a better President than Hillary Clinton
  5. Of the minor parties 36% dislike the Greens the most followed by 26% NZ First, 10% United Future, 10% ACT and 9% for Progressive and 9% Maori Party
  6. Boston Legal fans named Denny Crane as their favourite character at 49% and 45% Alan Shore
  7. 61% support a free trade agreement with China
  8. 81% support the right of employees to work on a public holiday if they wish to earn extra money
  9. Rock and Paper tied on 38% with Scissors last on 25%
  10. Preferred parties were National 41%, Act 18%, Kiwi Party 13%, Labour 10%, Greens 7%, Libertarianz 4%, Maori Party 1%, NZ First 1%, Progressive 1%
  11. 75% said they would vote for the China FTA if they were an MP
  12. Only 14% correctly named the Head of the KKK as saying the top priority is to bring the troops home from Iraq
  13. 85% have a unfavourable or very unfavirable view of Winston Peters
  14. In the battle of the blondes 42% say Scarlett Johansson is most attractive, 35% Charlize Theron, and Reese Witherspoon 23%
  15. 77% correctly guessed that carbon emissions have gone up 14% in Helen Clark’s first six years of office

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