China FTA Details

Details are now flowing via NZPA:

  • Tariffs on 96% of exports to to be eliminated
  • On 1 October 2008, tariffs removed on $200 million of exports, making 35% of exports tariff free
  • By 2013, 66% will be tariff free
  • By 2019 all but $80 million will be tariff free
  • If any future trade deal gives a country better access rights, we automatically get those also
  • All NZ tariffs on imports to be gone by 2016
  • 1,800 skilled Chinese workers can be in NZ at any one time (poor Peter Brown!)
  • Those workers will be in areas where we are lacking skills such as mandarin language teachers, Chinese chefs, nurses and plumbers

The time taken for some barriers to go is slower than many would want, but for me it is the end position which is most important, and that is having 96% of exports tariff free.

UPDATE: The Govt website on the FTA is now live.

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