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I have had leaked to me a copy of the initial party list for the Greens for the 2008 election. This is the list which has been put together by the “Candidates, Electorate Delegates, the Co-Leaders, Co-Convenors & Policy Co-Convenors”.

It is not final, as Green Party members are asked to do their own rankings, but obviously the initial rankings are highly influential. The initial list rankings are:

1. Jeanette Fitzsimons

2. Russel Norman

3. Sue Bradford

4. Metira Turei

5. Sue Kedgley

6. Keith Locke

7. Kevin Hague (Chief Executive- West Coast DHB)

8. Catherine Delahunty (Kotare Trust tutor)

9. Kennedy Graham (UC Law Adjunct Senior Fellow)

10. Paul de Spa [WITHDRAWN]

11. Gareth Hughes (Green Parliamentary Services staffer)

12. David Clendon (Sustainable Business Advisor, failed leadership candidate)

13. Steffan Browning (Spokesman for SOIL)

14 Mikarere Curtis (Software Developer)

15. Quentin Duthie (Green Parliamentary Services staffer)

16. Rick Leckinger (“Ministerial Advisor to Jeanette Fitzsimons”)

17. Mojo Mathers (Strategic Policy Advisor- Green Party)

18  Jon Carapiet (Market Research)

19. Donna Wynd (Research Analyst CPAG)

20. Jeanette Elley (Info Systems Manager for CADS at Waitemata DHB)

21. Richard Green (Director/Producer)

22. Virginia Horrocks

23. Ivan Sowry [WITHDRAWN]

24. James Redwood

25. David Hay (not the famous one)

26. Lisa Er

27. Diana Mellor

28. Jan McGlachlan
29. Mike Ward (former MP)

30. Paul Qualtrough

31. Rayna Fahey

32. Peter Taylor

33. Lynette Vigrass

34. Ryan Garland

35. Michael Woodcock

36. Lizzie Gillett

37. James Shaw

38. Craig Carson

39. Tane Woodley [WITHDRAWN]

40. Claire Bleakley

41. Michael Gilchrist

42. Linda Persson

43. Paul Doherty

44. Gary Stewart

45. Richard Tindall

46. Kent Duston [WITHDRAWN]

47. Baker Postelnik

48. Jon Sadler

49. Alan Liefting

Several interesting aspects. Four out of the top five are female (I thought there was a required gender balance.

Former MP Mike Ward has offended someone, as he is down in spot 29.

Also four of the top ranked candidates appear to be on the parliamentary payroll already.

It will be interesting to see what the final list looks like, and whether it differs much.

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