Marxist faction in Greens target Chloe, Sage and Shaw

Stuff reports:

A small group of left-wing Green Party members want co-leader James Shaw, as well as high profile MP Chlöe Swarbrick and Minister Eugenie Sage out of Parliament by placing them in an unwinnable position on the party list. 

The Green Party is currently drawing up its party list for the 2020 election. 

The ranking of the list is voted on by members in two different stages; first by delegates at a conference for an initial list and then by thousands of Green Party members closer to the election.

An initial list is now before members for voting. It ranks Shaw second, with co-leader Marama Davidson first. Conservation Minister Sage is at four on that list with Swarbrick is at seven.

The Green Left, a network of left-wing members of the Green Party, has sent an email to its members with a proposed , which it recommends members follow when submitting ballots on the list that’s been sent out to members.

The group is tiny, possibly representing fewer than 100 current members and their efforts to change the list will almost certainly be unsuccessful. They tried and failed a similar move at a party meeting earlier this year. That meeting reaffirmed the high rankings of sitting MPs.

Shaw, Swarbrick and Sage are missing from the 12 person list completely, meaning they’d be placed so far down the list that they would be unlikely to make it back into Parliament after the next election.

Always amusing to see what the Marxist faction of the wants. I can understand why they don’t like James Shaw, bit surprised they want Chloe Swarbrick gone. Of course she used to own a cafe so I guess that makes her an oppressor in their eyes!

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