Greens List will have to change

The current Green Party list is:

  1. Marama Davidson
  2. James Shaw
  3. Jan Logie
  4. Eugenie Sage, 25% male
  5. Teanau Tuiono, 40% male
  6. Julie-Anne Genter, 33% male
  7. Chloe Swarbrick, 29% male
  8. Golriz Ghahraman, 25% male
  9. Elizabeth Kerekere, 22% male
  10. Ricardo Menendez March, 30% male
  11. Steve Abel, 27% male
  12. Lourdes Vano, 25% male

But the silly Green Party rules have a quota for men. They say no matter how talented the female candidates are, male candidates must make up at least 40% of the list at every level (after the top 3).

So if this list was their members elected list, the list moderating committee would have to over-rule it and change it as thus:

  1. Marama Davidson (F)
  2. James Shaw (M)
  3. Jan Logie (F)
  4. Teanau Tuiono (M), 50% male
  5. Eugenie Sage (F), 40% male
  6. Ricardo Menendez March (M), 50% male
  7. Julie-Anne Genter (F), 43% male
  8. Steve Abel, (M) 50% male
  9. Chloe Swarbrick (F), 44% male
  10. Golriz Ghahraman (F), 40% male
  11. Next bloke on list, (M) 45% male
  12. Elizabeth Kerekere (F), 42% male
  13. Next bloke on list, (M) 46% male
  14. Lourdes Vano (F), 43% male

So Genter will be forced out of the top six, which means she is out at 5%. Swarbrick will be knocked down two places and need 7% and Ghahraman down two also and needs 8%.

The guy ranked 11th, will be pushed ahead of them into 8th place purely because he is a man – but that is what their rules require.

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