Herald on Broadband

The NZ Herald editorial is supportive:

That is capable of delivering only what comparable countries now have, not reaping the benefits of a truly high-speed network. The latter point is important. New Zealand is competing to not only attract but to retain businesses, especially exporters seeking a cost-effective global presence. Matching overseas cities’ infrastructure is pivotal to success. That would not be achieved, in terms of speed or pace of implementation, under Telecom’s present “next generation” network programme. Going straight to seems logical.

Fibre to the cabinet is a good intermediate step but there is no doubt that fibre to the premises is teh inevitable future, and the investment is not about making something happen which never would have happened, but making it happen more quickly, so that we get more benefits from it. Global competition is all about comparative advantage. Being last with communications infrastructure is not an advantage.

’s advantage over the Labour Party in this area is likely to be shortlived. Given the work done by the Government, it seems certain to announce something similar, probably in the Budget. Nonetheless, National leader has produced a proposal that adds substance to his frequent talk of Government leadership to lift economic performance and productivity.

I hope Labour do set a similar target.

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