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I’m delighted to see such a strong response from National to the poll driven economic vandalism over Auckland Airport.

Labour are spinning to the media how popular this decision will be, which confirms it was not a decision based on the law. One journalist joked on ZB that he would be surprised if the two Ministers even read the application!

Dr Cullen is quoted as saying:

“We’ve not had a good experience of selling strategic assets overseas,” Dr Cullen said.

Firstly Dr Cullen it isn’t your asset. It belongs to the tens of thousands of share holders, whose net worth you have lowered. Secondly you can’t actually take an airport overseas. Thirdly how do we know what is strategic when you won’t say so in advance. And fourtly it was for a puny 25% voting stake.

The Dom Post reports that business leaders want clearer rules about foreign investment. And this is really the big issue (not just one decision). The rules were changed retrospectively and have been changed in such a way few people can make investment decisions with a high degree of confidence about what the rules are.

At a minimum the Government should list what the so called strategic assets are. No one wins when it is a guessing game.

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