Nandor blogs from the IPU

Nandor blogs from the (International Parliamentary Union) meeting in Cape Town. He has some interesting observations on and whether South Africa will step in if Mugabe starts massacring opponents. The IPU has also got involved:

The IPU did put out a strong statement last week. As well as being instrumental in putting it on the agenda, the NZ delegation also played a key role in getting the wording strengthened. and I worked together on amendments to the drafts, and I was impressed with what he got the drafting committee to support.

Well done John and Nandor. But who else is there:

Pressure also neeeds to be put on China to not sell arms under the circumstances. Zimbabwe is totally skint, so they can’t even pay their current bills. Any credit advanced for arms is even more unethical than normal. I had intended to mention it during the plenary debate. NZ had 8 minutes, split between and me, but Dover spoke first and used up the whole allocation, so I had no opportunity to speak.

(I wouldn’t have minded so much if he hadn’t spent the whole time saying what a waste of time the IPU is before swanning off on a sight seeing tour with the delegates’ spouses!)

Oh dear.

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