No Right Turn on Labour

Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn is unimpressed with Labour’s plan to use the resources of the state to help them gain re-election:

is supposed to inform people about government and how to access services. It is not supposed to be used to support the government-of-the-day’s bid for re-election. By doing Labour isn’t just displaying its cynicism, its moral bankruptcy, and its inability to distinguish between the party and the state (a disease more commonly known in one-party states like China; maybe it’s infectious?); they are also undermining the entire concept of publicity, and in doing so, directly harming the interests of every New Zealander who may need to access government services.

Can’t add much to that. But wait we can:

But underlying it is the same basic contempt for the law we see in the US political system, the same desire to win at any cost no matter what it does to our democracy. And just by proposing it, they’re encouraging attitude, and further undermining the very necessary controls we have on party election spending.

How long until we are all told it is just a misunderstanding?

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