Rewriting History

It amazes me how much has been rewritten over the collapse of the National – NZ First Government, and partisan assertions by NZ First are treated as fact today by journalists. Take Audrey Young today in the Herald:

That coalition was undermined by the lack of respect given to New Zealand First by National and eventually collapsed over the sale of Wellington Airport.

First of all it did not collapse over Wellington Airport. That was the excuse only. A deal was reached on Wellington Airport several hours before the walkout from Cabinet. repeat, a deal was reached and agreed to by both parties. Despite this, Winston went ahead with a (pre-arranged) walkout from Cabinet to try and grandstand. His MPs were shocked and didn’t know whether to follow him, as the issue had been resolved prior to Cabinet. They had no choice, but to do so, and then things fell apart.

And likewise the assertion that the coalition was undermined by National is a very partisan view of things, and should not be reported as fact. My (partisan) view is that it was undermined by NZ First panicking at their poll ratings, low poll caused primarily by NZ First and Tukugate.

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