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More evidence yesterday from the depositions hearing against former MP . While his colleagues were defending him in Parliament, what was Field allegedely up to?

Thai plasterer Phisimai Phothisarn yesterday told a Manukau District Court depositions hearing that Field had pre-approved what she would say about work carried out on one of his Wellington properties, before her meeting with independent investigator Noel Ingram, QC.

This is the inquiry which Labour trumpeted cleared Field? The inquiry set up by Clark with no power to force witnesses to testify under oath?

Ms Phothisarn – giving evidence for a second day – told prosecutor David Johnstone she and 11 other Thai immigrants had met Field twice before her interview with Mr Ingram.

It was at these meetings, it is alleged, Field agreed with them not to name the illegal workers, and to say they had gone to Wellington on three occasions.

Putting aside the alleged criminal behaviour, is it not a concern that a Labour Party Minister was hiding from the law so many illegal immigrants? Well hiding them until he could get his mate the Minister to make them legal, and then they could help repay the favour.

The court was also told Field had contacted her after her meeting with Mr Ingram and allegedly offered her money for work completed. …

She said she had a second meeting with Field – in a Burger King carpark in Auckland’s Mission Bay – where he again offered her money.

They eventually agreed he would pay her $2000. He arrived at her home later that evening with a cheque for $700.

He also asked her for a receipt.

Now some people out there might conclude that was a bribe for lying to the PM’s pet inquiry. Shame on you. It is perfectly normal to do business in the car park of Burger King. Hell I meet many clients in fast food car parks. There is nothing at all wrong with a MP meeting someone in a Burger King car park and insisting they accept money after they have just lied to a QC investigating that former Minister.

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