Vector not strategic?

The Dom Post reports that the Government is not likely to block the sale of Wellington’s network to a foreign party.

So the Government hysterically whips up opposition to a Canadian pension fund having a 25% voting stake in Auckland Airport, but has no problems with a Chinese, Hong Kong or Australian company buying 100% of Wellington’s power network.

Confused? Surely this is a Government of principle, and having proclaimed strategic to foreigners is bad, will not allow an asset as strategic as a power network to be sold?

mean an airport is surely less strategic. Not all Aucklanders use Auckland Airport, there are substitutes to air travel, and competing airports can be built – as Waitakere Council wish to do.

But the power network in Wellington is used by 100% of Wellingtonians. No one goes without electricity. There is no way that someone could come along and put in a whole new set of power lines to every home. And there is no real alternative to electricity, as there is to air travel.

So why is the Government so inconsistent? thought were the defining issue for this year? Why is the Government allowing this strategic asset to be flogged off?

Personally would not be stopping private owners of either asset from selling them to other private owners. But as the Government has made a defining issue, their response is awaited.

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