EFA is reason Labour websites taken down

The Dominion Post and NZPA have confirmed that the reasons for a dozen Party websites being taken down is that they may have been in breach of the .

Labour really are having such problems with Annette King’s law of common sense.

I do hope Labour have been keeping track of the costs of all those websites since 1 January, as it would be very risky not to include them as election expenses.

The next big issue is the Beehive website. I think it is indisputably an illegal election advertisement. Look at some of these statements on there clearly designed to persuade people to vote for or against a party:

“John Key cannot be trusted to protect KiwiSaver for New Zealand workers and he has shown he is not serious about addressing New Zealand’s long-term savings challenge.”

“Now that National’s grounds for opposing New Zealand Fast Forward have been exposed as fraudulent, National should own up to its error of judgement and reverse its promise to scrap the Fund,” Jim Anderton said.

“It’s a pathetic stance that shows once again National cares only about costly point scoring and cannot take difficult decisions.

Beneficiaries better off under Labour

So the Department of Internal Affairs had better start to get worried. A website is explictly included as a method of publishing an election advertisement:

publish, in relation to an advertisement, means to—

(g) disseminate to the public by means of the Internet or any other electronic medium; or

(h) store electronically in a way that is accessible to the public

And now look at s67(1)

The following persons and bodies may not publish, or cause or permit to be published, any election advertisement:

(a) the chief executive (however described) of a department of State or a Crown entity:

(b) a department of State

The Beehive website is published by the Department of Internal Affairs who pay for it.

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