Meaningless gestures

What is it with the Greens and meaningless gestures. They think banning smacking will solve child abuse, and photo ops of MPs in Hoodies will do something meaningful for youth:

Earlier, Opposition parties were not invited to a youth event hosted by Government ministers, and Ms Bennett said Youth Week was clearly not a “truly cross-party” initiative.

She said she was not acting under National Party orders, but had not seen the point of promoting a Labour Government thing.

“There are bigger issues for youth out there, and me fronting up and wearing a hoodie is not what I think will fix any of the biggest issues for youth.”

The no-show drew a retort from Green MP Metiria Turei, who said it showed “an inherent disrespect for young people”.

For fuck’s sake, I doubt a single young person in the country could be found who gives a flying fuck about whether an MP poses for a photo opportunity in a hoodie, and that doing so empowers them or whatever rationale there is.

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