Not touchy – there were two polls

The good folk at have informed me that there was no change to their poll on Stuff as I blogged yesterday, and no complaint from the 9th floor. I was confused ((c) Mike Williams) between a poll on the main Stuff site and a poll on site. Now The Press’ site is part of Stuff with the same look and feel but it is editorially independent.

So both were on . I saw one which merely had Goff vs Clark (The Stuff one) and then the other one which had references to this being hypothethical (the Press one) and did not realise they were different polls, and assumed it was the one poll which had been changed.

So my stuff up, but in my defence it can be confusing. Look at the front page of Stuff today and their poll is “Did Michael Cullen’s tax cuts meet your expectations?” with a “Yes” and “No” option. Then go to The Press front page and their poll is “Hooray – tax cuts are here. But is Finance Minister Michael Cullen’s generosity enough” with options of “Yes”, “No” and “I didn’t want a tax cut anyway. I’ll send it back.” They are asking (again) similar questions but in a slightly different way.

Fot those interested the Stuff poll had:

Goff 4,398 56.2%
Clark 3,433 43.8%

And The Press had in relation to would Goff be a good sucessor:

Yes 1,510 75.4%
No 316 15.8%
Your hypothetical question is not welcome 177 8.8%

I’ve amended the original post to make it clear it was wrong.

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