A touchy subject

Stuff have been running a blog poll on whether would make a good successor to . A few people suggested yesterday I should promote it but I didn’t because they are very unscientific and no one should take them too seriously.

However I noted with amusement today that obviously the 9th floor was taking it seriously as the poll has now been amended to include the words “(This is a hypothetical question)”.

Ha ha ha – so precious. Demanding that it be made clear it is hypothetical, just in case readers thought the PM was dead or had resigned and no one had noticed I guess.

Even better then added on a third voting option – ” Your hypothetical question is not welcome”.

Sadly for the complainers the results to date are:

Yes (Goff would be good sucessor) 81% (1,359 votes)
No (Goff would be bad sucessor) 12% (198 votes)
Your hypothetical question is not welcome 7% (124 votes)

UPDATE: I was wrong. There were two different polls. See here for an explanation.

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