Tauranga anti EFA protest march tomorrow

Tomorrow has its anti Electoral Finance Act and it is looking to be pretty high profile. The local Bay of Plenty Times ran this story on most of its front page yesterday including a route for the march.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is rallying its 3500 members and the community to pound the footpaths in opposition to the law that restricts the campaign spending of electoral parties and supporters.

Those opposed to the Electoral Finance Act say it is unworkable and must be repealed and that neither MPs nor political parties seem able to understand it or work within it.

Saturday’s march will end at Baycourt where former MP and minister Hon Ralph Maxwell will speak. Others could also take the opportunity to have their say.

Ralph Maxwell is (or was as of a few months ago) an executive member in for NZ First. The local NZ First committee voted 13-1 to oppose the law.

For those in the march assembles at 10.45 am at the corner of 1st Avenue and Devenport Road, then proceeds to Baycourt.

is planning more marches in provincial centres after this one.

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