The trains cost $1.5 billion!

Hidden in the depths of detail in the budget documents are the true costs of the train set Dr Cullen purchased. It is projected to be $1.47 billion by 2012.

So how did get the deal of a lifetime?

Simple. Dr Cullen got to buy it, rather than the !

Treasury you see were too tough in negotiating rail access prices with Toll, so OnTrack were given the job to negotiate the purchase of the . Yes, he deliberately sent in the “weaker” team. Toll must regard their $25,000 donation to Labour last year as their best ever investment.

Now who is a Director of On Track? Labour Party President Mike Williams. So what role did Mike “confused” Williams have in buying the trains? Is there not a conflict of interest in being Labour’s chief fundraiser who accepted a donation from Toll and also being on the board buying the trains off Toll?

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