Vogel House

Was somewhat sad to see $47 million being spent on renovating Government House. Not the renovation per se, but the fact it means the Governor-General is going to be a squatter in in Lower Hutt.

The Dom Post states that this means Jim Anderton is having to leave it. Well on current polls he was going to be leaving anyway – so the real loser is a National frontbencher who misses out on what is the ultimate state house – much much nicer than Premier House in my opinion.

The Dom Post gets it a bit wrong saying the Deputy PM traditionally lives there. Muldoon lived there as PM. I don’t think Sir Geoffrey ever lived there, and certainly in the 1990s it was Doug Graham, not Don McKinnon who lived there.

The House itself is lovely, with a dining table which seats 20 – designed for Cabinet Dinners. It is surrounded by a huge lawn which is ideal for croquet and even some golf practice.

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