A little mapping challenge

This will probably just be of interest to people who have and can use software. I’m looking for someone who falls into the above category (person or company) to contact me about what sort of cost would be involved for a little project involving I am working on.

There are currently around 42,982 meshblocks. I have a number of locations (around 1,000) for which I have a geographical description (both an x,y coordinate and a meshblock location).

What I wish to do is determine for every meshblock in NZ, which of these 1,000 locations that meshblock is closest to. Now I could do this manually by looking them up on maps, but it occurs to me it should be something fairly simple to do by someone who knows how to use mapping software.

So if this is something you or your company can do (or know someone who can), please contact me so I can describe the potential job in more detail.

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