“Buying elections”

The left often go on about how awful money in politics is, and how we need the EFA because hell we can’t have a third party spend more than $120,000 supporting or opposing a party over a year etc.

So where have been the protests from the left that Barack Obama “purchased” the nominaion by outspending Hillary Clinton? Why are they not denouncing Obama for unfairly more money than Clinton?

Now Obama pledged in February 2007 that he would stay in the federal public financing system if he did win the primary fight, as long as his GOP opponent did the same, which McCain has agreed to. What this means is you get around $85 million of public funding but can’t spend extra on top of that, once the nominating convention has concluded.

Now Obama is looking to renege on that pledge, and may become the first ever presidential candidate to try and bury his opponent through outspending in the general election. So again where are the howls of outrage?

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