No chance at all

Dail Jones is getting a reputation as an MP who teels the truth as he sees it, even when he shouldn’t.

There was a stunned silence last night at the filming of Back Benches during the discussion on polls. Jones said that he thought most people had made their mind on Helen Clark and Labour.

Host then asked him directly if he thought it was all over, or did Helen still have a chance of remaining PM after the election. Jones’ reply was along the lines of “No, no chance at all”.

Now bear in mind that NZ First is a party, and their is a Minister in the Government – that is an extraordinary statement for a NZ First MP to make.

I didn’t write his exact words down at the time, but they were definitely unequivocal about Helen losing. I am in for most of today but someone helpful might like to download the show and stick that segment on You Tube!

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