Dail’s Back

NZ First’s rejuvenation has taken a big step forward with two list candidates following orders and refusing the role they were legally entitled to, so Winston’s choice of Dail Jones could re-enter Parliament 32 years after he was first elected.

And just in case you thinks his views have changed from then, he said he has the same views on homosexuality as he did in his maiden speech in 1975.  I presume this is to lock homosexuals up, as that was the law back then.

All the Labour activists out there should be pleased to have Dail back voting with them.   I am sure they appreciate his blunt manner when he said that the civil unions bill was a present to the coterie of homosexuals and lesbians who surround Helen Clark.

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held especially is a big fan of Dail Jones.

Some quotes from Hansard from Dail:

This type of legislation is an affront to decent standards in society and we should not be giving parliamentary recognition to this type of behaviour. So I will be putting together a member’s bill to put an end to this civil union structure, which is really just a form of lesbian-lesbian marriage and homosexual-homosexual marriage.

The Labour Party Government introduced immigration regulations that specified quite clearly that it wanted homosexuals and lesbians to come and live in New Zealand.

So we are passing legislation for about 0.0025 percent of New Zealand’s population just to make Helen Clark, and that coterie of lesbians and homosexuals who surround her, happy. That is about the only reason for this legislation.

So we have the gay marriage situation. It is like little boys and girls playing doctors and nurses—or little boys and boys playing doctors and nurses, I suppose. The Government still wants them to play at being husband and wife, so it plays at having prohibited degrees of civil union. It is grotesque to have this type of thing in the bill. It is absolutely grotesque for one to possibly believe that this thing could exist, but that is what this Labour Party—with Helen Clark as its leader—is imposing on us.

He actually uses the phrase “Helen Clark and that coterie of lesbians and homosexuals who surround her” on close to a dozen occasions in Hansard. I wonder if he will keep on using it now Winston is Foreign Minister for Helen.

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