Civil Unions Bill second reading debate

1st speaker was David Benson-Pope (L). Nice move to quote George W Bush as having supported same sex civil unions in the US.

2nd speaker is Don Brash (N). Complaining about being pushed though in haste, not having companion bill to vote on also, and believes all adult NZers should decide issue on a referendum, which he would vote for. Does not believe homsexuality is a sin, but a predisposition people are born with. Notes Jesus Christ never condemned it.

3rd is Lianne Dalziel (L). A very passionate speech, attacks Maxim, use of children to campaign against.

4th is Moana Mackey (L) – she is great. Did a search of Maxim, Destiny, United Future websites to see how many complained about strangers marrying each other in a radio competition. None. Complained about Scott Watson marrying? None. They only complain when gay couples want to commit to each other. Is using lots of stats to refute myths.

5th is Dail Jones (NZF). Has same views on homosexuality as he did in maiden speech in 1975 (and it shows). Marriage is only for men and women. Then says his views should not bind NZ, as Tim Barnett’s views should not. Attacks United Future for supporting Labour, and not getting agreement to stop CUB being introduced. Says should not be passed as we celebrate the birthday of Joseph’s and Mary’s son Jesus (I thought God had a hang in that).

6th is Stephen Franks (ACT). Now voting against. Says the CUB is a blank cheque bill, as key details will be in the companion bill.

7th has Nandor Tancoz (G). Debate not about shacking up, but about human rights and what sort of society we are. Does not devalue marriage by allowing people to pledge their commitment to each other. Not sure why oppressing other people is seen as a Christian value. Says bible warns against usary (lending for interest) as much as it does against homosexuality.

8th is Murray Smith (U). He has just said he agrees that the decision on the CUB is more important to NZ than the decision to go to war against Hitler. (If he really believes that, the man is mad). Says CUs will be near identical to marriages.

9th is Georgina Beyer (L). Just wants equality under the law to enhance people’s lives. Celebrate diversity. Urges parties to listen to their youth wings and support the CUB.

10th is Nick Smith (N). Against as it undermines families. Part of radical social engineering by Labour. Is a gay marriage bill based on the looks like a duck test. Children do best when raised by a Mum or Dad committed to each other.

11th is Brian Connell (N). Says this is about homosexual marriage and backers are dishonest by not admitting this. Homosexual relationships are notoriously volatile (hmmn I’ve known a few females who could be described as notoriously volatile when they dated me). This is a recruitment drive for homosexuals. No mandate to pass this law.

12th Dave Heroera (L). Supports the bill, is not gay marriage. Lets those who will not or can not marry, register as a civil union.

13th George Hawkins (L). Missed what he said as had a phone call from Mark Blumsky – I’ll survive having missed George’s contribution 🙂

14th Wayne Mapp (N) 56% of his electorate against civil unions. Wants a referendum.

15th Edwin Perry (NZF). Displays humour claiming to be youth wing of NZ First. Says it undermines marriage and should be a referendum. Attacks United Future for not stopping the CUB like they did with cannabis.

16th Tim Barnett (L). Says his opponents still call him a practising homosexual, despite 30 years of practice. Talking mainly about select committee process which he chaired. Their role was to seperate emotion from fact. Said many submitters said they were also against homosexual law reform in 1986. None could give examples of how that law reform had personally affected them. Quotes from a submission against from a 12 year old saying homosexuals are worthy of death. Wants passage as blow against prejudice.

1st vote is on accepting amendments from the select committee. This will be a personal vote and take a few minutes.

The vote is 66 in favour, 54 against.

The second vote is the actual formal passage through the second reading. It should be the same as the previous division but can not be sure. This one will be quicker as bells ring for only one minute not seven.

And the vote on the second reading is 65 in favour, 55 against. Yay!!

It will take a while to get a breakdown of who voted what way, but it looks quite good for next week, even if the two NZ First MPs in favour swap sides because of no referendum.

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