You are the weakest link – good bye

Letting Senee Niusila off once was compassionate. Letting him off a second time was a borderline call. Letting him off a third time is just plain wrong.

Here is Judge Farrar alternative sentencing:

“Mr are an overstayer in New Zealand who has no legal right to be here. However as a compasionate society we have allowed you to stay, so you recieve dialysis treatment to keep you alive. We are not obliged to do this anymore than we are obliged to keep alive the thousands who die every day around the world who are not legal residents of NZ.

Having been allowed to stay, you have an obligation to obey the laws of the land. You know that any criminal offending will mean automatic deportation and death. Despite this you beat up your wife in August 2003. One of my colleagues was compassionate and discharged you without conviction.

A year later you were still beating your wife up. Apart from the fact this is wrong, repugnant and criminal, it was the stupidest thing you could do, as it should have resulted in your conviction and deportation. But God must have been on your side and decided to influence my learned colleague to give you another chance.

Now you are up before me and have pled guilty to not just assaulting your wife again but now threatening to kill her. There are no words left to describe the level of stupidity this entails. You are obviously totally incapable of controlling your violence, as you have the fatal incentive to be the most peaceful man in New Zealand.

I have concluded you are too stupid to save. You are the weakest link. You are found guilty. Good Bye.”

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