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The NZ Herald has an editorial in favour of the Civil Unions Bill and an opinion piece from Garth George against it.

The Editoral is a well reasoned opinion which points out some flaws in arguments on both sides, before concluding “It will be a landmark for human rights and its time has arrived. ”

Those who are voting against might want to look at the company they are keeping. Garth George writes about homosexuals as anti-semiitics writes about Jews: “They are in positions of influence in all the mainline churches, all the professions, in the media, the justice system and law enforcement, healthcare, education, Government agencies (human rights, censorship, Aids), and state bureaucracies in general.”

How dare those homosexuals actually hold jobs and be out of the closet?

Garth finally places himself in the role of Jesus Christ, saying of those who dare disagree with him ” “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

A well reasoned argument in favour and a gay hating rant against. Makes it an easy call I would say.

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