Garth George on deeds not trust

Garth George writes in the Herald:

Said Helen Clark when she announced the election date: “I think it does come down to who you trust on the basics.” Well, if that is so, is out on its ear.

In spite of vast extra spending, the health service is less effective than it was when Labour came to power in 1999; same goes for the education system, law and order and justice. As for defence, the most sacred of any government’s responsibilities, the less said the better.

And what about fiscal stewardship? Who trusts a Finance Minister who robs the taxpayers blind of untold billions of dollars over eight years then, with an election looming, reluctantly offers insignificant tax cuts. According to figures published in this newspaper this week, even those who get the most from the cuts will receive barely enough to cover the increased cost of filling the tank of the family car.

Sure, I’m grateful for any increase in my pension, but that’s more down to Mr Peters than it is to Michael Cullen.

Nevertheless, according to figures published lately, New Zealanders’ living standards have dropped 24 per cent against Australians’ in the term of this Labour-led Government. …

A matter of trust? I think not. Rather it is, as the Bible puts it, a matter of “By their deeds you shall know them”.

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