Quality of Spending

Garth George has written how he supported the tax increase introduced in 1999, but their mismanagement of spending has propelled him into the tax cuts camp. He is not alone out there.

He highlights that Labour is taking $16 billion a year more in taxes than in 1999, yet despite this “standards of education, justice and law and order have continued to decline”

The Dominion Post Editorial takes a similiar line noting that Labour’s crackdown on low-quality tertiary courses “is tantamount to a confession that the Government has been pouring taxpayers’ dollars down a tertiary toilet for the past five years”.

They remind us of $1.7 million for a Maori singalong course, $13 million for a Cool IT course, a surfing course, a dog knowledge course a DJ-ing course, golf studies and of course the $240 million to Te Wananga O Aotearoa.

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