Garth’s 8 reasons to dump Clark

Garth George gives his eight recent reasons to dump Helen Clark:

  1. Ramming through the Emissions Trading Bill in the dying days of this Administration.
  2. The allocation of stalls at the public trough to a whole bunch of lackeys, contrary to the long-standing convention that such appointments should not be made within three months of an election.
  3. News that at least 400 New Zealanders die every year because of a shortage of hospital beds; that heart operation numbers in Auckland have taken a tumble, that cancer sufferers cannot get radiation treatment
  4. Figures showing that parents last year had to cough up well over half a billion dollars in fees and donations to keep our schools running, a whopping $56 million more than the previous year
  5. A Defence Ministry report revealing that our armed services can’t fly, can’t sail and can’t fight.
  6. The incomprehensible decision to deprive policemen of the right to stand for local authorities; and the gutless decision of the Commissioner of Police to refer to politicians the decision to arm some officers with Tasers.
  7. Labour’s moves to acquire state funding for political parties
  8. The Government’s continued insistence that it, and its Green component in particular, knows best what is good for us and how we should live our lives – everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive to the light bulbs we can use, to how we discipline our children, to whether we can sell privately-owned land for housing.

I don’t think one can describe Garth as a swinging voter!

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