Garth George on freedom

An extraordinarily good column by Garth George about the election and freedom:

This election is all about freedom – the freedom of the individual to live his or her life with as little interference as possible from the state, its politicians and minions.

It’s all about being loosed from the tyranny of dogmatic “do-it-my-way-or-else” socialism, which contends that the state knows best how to spend our money, how we use our property and how we run our families.

It’s all about freedom from fear – from the anxiety generated by the doom and gloom merchants, the Greens in particular, who demand that we circumscribe our lives in certain ways because if we don’t the world will melt and come to an end.

It’s all about freedom from guilt. We want to be able to fill up our cars, turn on our heaters, light our homes, run our taps (and showers), eat our food, smoke a cigarette, have a few drinks, sell land or buy or develop property without being made to feel guilty.

The freedom from guilt and fear – so true.

There are times I want to strangle Mr George for what he writes, and times I want to buy him a beer 🙂

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