Selfish Righties

I really despair when intelligent people resort to cartoon type caricatures of their opponents. Jordan blogs today:

I was watching the video of at the Drinking Liberally gig in Wellington last week (where I was standing was a bit out of hearing range at times), and thinking about why people bother with progressive politics.

After all, sometimes it would seem much easier to adopt a selfish approach to life. When you’re only looking after yourself, only caring about yourself, and when your politics is shaped around that point of view, then things must seem much easier. There would be none of the difficulties involved in having due regard for other people.

Oh yes everyone on the left is good and caring and warm and those have a different view on politics are selfish evil people. It would be laughable if it wasn’t said so earnestly and seriously and with such a tone of moral superiority. I mean how does one survive with such a burden of the “difficulties in having due regard for other people”.

Yeah it is so much easier on the right. I mean none of us donate to charity. None of us spend hundreds and thousands of hours of our time volunteering with charities, service clubs and non-profits. None of us
care for others. Hell we don’t even have friends and we are created in test tubes we are such inhuman bastards.

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