The Secret Really Sensible Sentencing Trust

Oh this is hilarious. Labour MP Russel Fairbrother has set up a “Really Sensible Sentencing Trust” to argue against sending criminals (except the really really bad ones) to jail.

Labour list MP announced the formation of the group, but would not reveal who was involved.

“I’m not authorised to give names.”

That is priceless. It is a secret trust, heading by a Labour MP. Who might be the secret members. Here are my guesses:

  1. David Bain
  2. Scott Watson
  3. William Bell

The group consisted of people who believed that only the worst of the worst criminals should be sent to jail.

The rest were victims of a competitive society focused on private gain at the expense of public good, and they should be supported in the community with taxpayer funds that would otherwise go into keeping them locked up.

Oh if only more Labour MPs would say what they really think. Please can someone ask Phil Goff if he agrees that criminals are in fact not criminals but the real victims, and a “competitive society” is in fact the evil criminal responsible for their actions.

“Inherent in competition are a small number of winners and a larger number of losers. All the evidence tells us it’s from the losers in this competitive model that we fill our prisons,” Mr Fairbrother said.

“We’ve seen the income gap increase as the market economy takes hold, and, with the increase of disadvantage, the prison population grows.”

Now the prison population has grown under Labour, so is Fairbrother saying this is the fault of Dr Cullen’s economic policies?

I really hope National ask some questions to King and Goff when the House resumes on whether they agree with the secret lobby group formed by one of their colleagues.

And anyone want to start a book futures market on the result in Napier at the general election. Can Chris Tremain get a 10,000+ majority in what used to be one of the safest seats for Labour?

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