Clark says she won’t go

NZPA reports:

Prime Minister says National’s lead in the polls will start to slip when the election campaign starts and she isn’t even thinking about handing the leadership to someone else.

Miss Clark was asked on NewstalkZB this morning whether she would consider stepping aside to give “a new face” before the election if the polls don’t change.

The last four have shown National’s support at more than 50 percent, and its lead over Labour at more than 20 points.

“That’s a question I’m not even prepared to contemplate,” she said when she was asked about the leadership.

Generally it isn’t leaders who contemplate changes, but their MPs who panic at the thought of losing their seats.

Having said that, a change of leaders would not be credible for Labour and not even uber-ambitious Phil Goff wants to do a Mike Moore and be PM for just six weeks.  They should change nothing at all and keep on doing what they are doing.

More sensible would be to announce a new Deputy or Finance Minister. I respect Michael Cullen’s achievements, but there is little chance the public are going to vote for him to deliver another budget. Put Goff or Cunliffe into Finance and you might have the public think more kindly of the Government as willing to give them back more of their own money.

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