Garner calls on Peters to resign

Yay at long last TV3 Political Editor is blogging, and he says what he thinks on it:

To believe Winston requires you to believe the unbelievable.


When Winston Peters held up the big NO sign in February in response to questions about whether Glenn had donated money, Winston’s lawyer didn’t pick up the phone either before and after – and say arrrrhhhh, Winston, he flicked us 100k 18 months ago.

And remember this so called policy of Henry’s is not required by any outside force. It is in fact just a decision made between him and Peters that allegedly he would not tell Peters who donated. Now the reason you would do this is to protect Peters, but when it becomes clear that more damage is being done by not telling him, it is almost unthinkable he would not have told him earlier.

Peters credibility has been damaged. He’s turning defence into attack. It’s all he’s got left. ’s silence is remarkable but not surprising. She needs him if her Government is to make it through to the election.

Remember when Phillip Field’s discretions were only “judgement issues” according to Helen Clark. Lets see what the judge says about those “judgement issues.”

Yes Clark has a fine track record here.

Auditor General Kevin Brady should investigate Peters. He’s nailed Labour before. He’s got the guts to nail Peters. The IRD should look at the tax status of the donation. The Privileges Committee should start its kangaroo court – at least it would provide some theatre.


Peters may have used up his nine lives. He voted to end secret and covert funding – yet took it on the side. Indeed, it was so secret, we’re meant to believe he didn’t even know.

He should resign. The saga is a disgrace. And on his way out he should apologise to the NZ Herald Political Editor Audrey Young who broke the story.

That is a big call, but a correct one. If after the revelation he had admitted the public has (as John Key puts it) been misled by him, then maybe it is survivable. But his outrageous continuing attacks on the NZ Herald for exposing his secret donation are the worse form of bully boy politics.

Imagine if the Exclusive Brethren loving Nats had denied getting 100k then coughed up under pressure.

Would Peters go easy on John Key? Would Helen Clark stay silent, muttering, “it’s a party matter”? You know the answer.

And imagine Phil Goff? I think his head would actually explode as he shouted himself hoarse on it!

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