Smart kids

The kids at Wellington High School are showing some good sense in responding to their first brush with Nanny State and the tuck shop. Effects have been:

  • The school’s cafe operator has thrown in the towel, saying she could not turn a profit under the Education Ministry’s new healthy eating regime
  • a group fundraising for a Japanese trip has seized on the opportunity by setting up a daily sausage sizzle and baking stall
  • The Dominion Post watched yesterday as a stream of pupils headed to the nearby Wallace St shop for mince pies, chippies and fizzy drinks.

One also has to praise the principal’s attitude:

Principal Prue Kelly was about the week-long sausage sizzle, saying she hoped pupils would support the fundraising effort. Asked if the new culinary option met the ministry’s healthy eating guidelines, she said: “Who knows? It’s how we’re coping with the problem today.

think they’re using brown bread instead of white.

“They look like pretty good sausages to me. In fact might get one.”

Good on her.

The Government is as usual missing the point. The problem isn’t kids having a sausage occasionally, but if they are having that for lunch everyday. But rather than concentrate on having a varied diet, instead they are purging tuck shops of any food they do not approve of. It will get worse if the is passed into law.

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