The secret NBR column

My second online column for NBR in on their site. Following the example of NZ First, its name is secret.

The full column is quite long. My choices for this week were:

  1. Best Play of the Week – the EMA Northern Campaign against the KiwiSaver changes at an A-
  2. Worst Play of the Week – Allan Bollard gets a C- for putting up the cash rate before he has inflation under control
  3. Scandal of the Week – I’ll leave people to guess which which scandal I gave an A+ to
  4. Patsy of the Week – went to the entire NZ First Caucus who got a collective A for sycophancy
  5. EFA Breach of the Week – a D- to the suggestion from Steve Pierson that the EMA campaign was illegal
  6. Blog Analysis of the Week- Idiot/Savant gets a B+ for his reasoning on why Winston should be sacked

Oh and I’ve already been called a fascist in the comments!