The silence of the left

It has now been over two and a half days since the explosive news that Owen Glenn did donate $100,000 – to Winston Peters’ legal expenses. Regardless of the legal issues over technicalities this is a major political issue regarding transparency – especially as Glenn was lobbying Peters (and Clark via Williams) for a diplomatic appointment.

So how have the major left wing blogs covered the issue?

The Greens’ Frog Blog has not said a word (except for a humourous reference in passing) yet has managed almost a dozen posts on other issues . And what of the Greens MPs? Russel Norman spoke volumes on National’s secret trusts. Has he not been motivated to even say a single word of concern?

Russell Brown devotes oh one paragraph to it today, and expresses no view at all on the rights or wrongs. He merely finds it funny that it involves a stolen e-mail. On that issue Russell might note that Owen Glenn has not in any way claimed the e-mail was stolen or that he is upset it was. He may like to reflect on why that is!

No Right Turn has, as expected, condemned it. While sometimes I get very upset with his posts (and I am sure vice verssa) he does consistently show the difference between a principled left blog and one which doesn’t want to upset mates in Government.

Tim Selwyn at Tumeke puts himself in the same category as No Right Turn, with his post.

The Standard has managed five posts since then, and of course none at all on the issue. When they do blog, it will be to say that it is all nothing to do with Helen.

The self-proclaimed funny and cool 08wire (run by a recent former staffer for Clark) hasn’t managed to find anything funny to say on the issue.

It would be too much to expect Labour candidates Grant and Jordan to have commented, but how about Tony Milne?

The Progressive’s unofficial Prog Blog has said nothing on the issue.

Some of the smaller blogs have commented I am sure – I’ve only had time to check the larger ones out.

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