NZ First opposed Pecuniary Interests Register

I’ve just dug up the Hansard relating to when Parliament created the Register of Pecuniary Interests for MPs. The only two parties against were and ACT. Some quotes:

PETER BROWN: … This is a case of much ado about nothing. There is little corruption in politics in this country, and the corruption that has occurred has been targeted, found out, and exposed. We do not have to have this sort of carry-on in order to declare a war on corruption. It has no relevance to that, at all. As I said, this is a nosy parker amendment to the Standing Orders. …

This measure is a sop to the Greens. I hope it is the only one, because they will disappear at the end of this Parliament, and we can forget all about them. This measure is unnecessary; it is a mistake. It will encourage nosy parkers, and in the longer term it will discourage able people from putting their forward to stand for Parliament. New Zealand First opposes this measure vehemently.

I am sure that opposition was indeed vehement.

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