Winston’s fuller explanation

Winston has just spoken in the general debate. If the allegations were not so serious, it would be comical. He did not address a single issue of substance, but of course just attacked everyone. He basically said:

  • Informed Speaker in May 2005 of allegations now appearing in Dominion Post (I think this is re the scampi issue back then)
  • Said TVNZ has two investigators trying to dig up dirt on him.
  • Talked of how Bill Ralston at TVNZ hired Phil Kitchin, as is this is somehow sinister
  • Alleged that Phil Kitchin has misled Bob Jones in order to get a story
  • Said that he sacked Rex W in 1996 and Rex not credible as he chats to teenage girls online
  • Said that he was told at his mother’s funeral that there is a “pot of money” on offer for anyone who can dig up dirt on him
  • Referred to the media as brainless meerkats
  • Said that when he refuses to answer a stupid question, that is not a denial!

Remember how he said last week he would address the conflicts between what Bob Jones (and Professor Wright) said and what he has said. He hasn’t even attempted to do this.If this was meant to be a fuller explanation, I would hate to see a less full explanation.

In related news, Rodney Hide has laid a complaint with the Serious Fraud Office. It will be interesting to see if they decide to investigate. Considering they invesigated a similiar allegation against National in 2002, I can’t see how they can credibly not invesigate. That is not to say they will necessairly find illegal behaviour. Unless one actually knows what the Spencer Trust spends its money on, you can’t conclude on issues of legality.

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