A research project

Does anyone out there have half a day or so to spare to do some research for a series of posts I want to do on ? It mainly involves going through three to four dozen or so sets of electronic financial statements and extracting some key data into an excel spreadsheet.

Happy to give further details to anyone who has the time and wishes to help. This is not for a big scandal type post but wanting to do some analysis which may be useful for the election. E-mail me if you can help. It can be divided amongst more than one person also.

UPDATE: That was quick. Already have someone. This has given me an idea though that I could look at formally expanding the Kiwiblog team by having more people prepare material for me. A couple of research assistants who can crunch numbers. A graphic designer who can create simple fake billboards etc. We already have a cartoonist! I may think about this and give out a call for talent.

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