Best cow answers

I challenged people to describe NZ First, using the usual two analogy. Many great answers. Here are some of my favourites:

  • You take one cow, sell it and put the money into the Spencer trust.
  • You have two cows, but only rely on the Bull
  • have two cows? That’s a lie, sunshine! You’ll be talking to my lawyer before the sun sets, you unmitigated wanker!
  • Two cows? My brother owns two and have no idea where they came from. Neither does Helen. Now fuck off!
  • NZ First does not have two and never had two cows.
  • You have two cows. Print one word wrong about either of them and ’ll sue sunshine.
  • You claim have two cows? That’s udder garbage you lying wanker.
  • A man you’ve never heard of brings you two You them dry and blame the “asians”.

They are just some of the answers. One can read them all at the link above.

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