Broad attacked for Police politicalisation

The Police Association has attacked Commission for letting the taser decision (which is his) be used as a political delaying tactic in Parliament yesterday.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor said that while frontline officers should have been celebrating, the decision instead “highlights the politicisation of the highest levels of police”.

They are strong and damning words from the head of the police union.

The Police Association are also upset that the Goverment has decided to ban Police Officers from serving on local authorities. The flip-flop puts sees Labour now supporting NZ First on this issue.  Probably part of of a deal on the ETS.

tells the Police Association off for being ungrateful:

“Quite frankly, I am very disappointed Greg O’Connor and the association have used that sort of language. The reality is that New Zealand police have never had a better period than they have had under this Government.”

Yes Greg. What would you know about the Police. Listen to the Minister, shut up and be grateful.

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